Early Practice Experiences (EPEs)

Student in PharmacyThe Early Practice Experience will no longer be a programmatic requirement beginning with the entering class of Fall 2018.

The Early Practice Experiences (EPEs) expose students to entry-level pharmacy practice through work in a pharmacy practice site. The experiences are designed to help students perform at a higher level in their didactic and laboratory coursework, prepare them to enter introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences, and enlighten them in making informed career decisions.

The Early Practice Experiences require 200 hours in either a community or a hospital pharmacy prior to the start of the P4 senior experiential year. It is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain and meet this practice requirement. The College of Pharmacy does not place students in these experiences. It should be noted that competitive summer internships and employment as an intern are hard to obtain; so again, it is expected that those students who can waive this experience will do so.

To meet EPE requirements, students are required to complete these hours of pharmacy practice experience between the end of the first professional year and prior to the beginning of the P4 senior experiential year; OR submit documentation to waive this experience based on previous experience as a certified pharmacy technician.  It is expected that students with previous pharmacy work experience will submit the documentation necessary to waive this experience. 

This experience:

  • May begin only after the student has obtained a student intern card from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP).
  • May begin as early as the summer following the first professional year.
  • Must be gained under the supervision of a Texas State Board of Pharmacy approved preceptor. Exceptions are few, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • May be obtained through paid employment, volunteer work, or competitive summer internship programs with community or hospital pharmacies.
  • Is supported by objectives that must be met by the conclusion of the experience.
  • Is the sole responsibility of the student to obtain.
  • Must be completed two weeks before the first day of the first rotation of the P4 experiential year. Students who do not complete the Early Practice Experience requirement prior to the deadline will not be allowed to to progress to the P4 experiential year.

NOTE: This experience does not replace any of the currently required Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences or Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences.

Students are strongly encouraged to submit the required documentation to waive the EPE early in the P1 year.


Detailed Description of the EPE

EPE Waiver 2017

Statement of Intent (to fulfill EPE requirement)

Evaluation Form

Hour Sheet

Petition to Consider an Alternate Practice Site

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