Care and Respect for the Elderly (CARE)

Care Program PhotoCare and Respect for the Elderly (CARE) is a year-long service learning program required of all first year (P1) students.

The program is designed to provide student participants the opportunity to improve the quality of life of elderly patients, and learn more about the elderly in order to provide pharmaceutical care to this population.

Each student is assigned to an assisted-living facility, and subsequently assigned to one or two residents in the facility. Students visit “their” resident(s) a minimum of six times each semester to provide social support, improve their communication skills, and observe visible symptoms of disease states and side effects of medications. Students also observe at least one scheduled “Med Pass” to multiple residents, and attend multiple one-hour discussion sessions during the academic year either as a complete group or in units of 10. At the conclusion of the spring semester, each student is required to give a case presentation on his or her assigned resident using a modified SOAP format. P-2 and P-3 student facilitators and faculty members evaluate student performance during the discussion sessions.

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