Location of IPPEs & APPEs (Regions)

ALL students, excluding University of Texas El Paso and University of Texas Pan American cooperative program students (who are under contract to return to their home communities), are assigned to a geographic region for the P4 senior experiential year. The P4 APPE regions include:

Dallas/Fort Worth
El Paso
Rio Grande Valley
San Antonio

(The college reserves the right to add or delete experiential regions at any time based upon resources.)

Positions Available

The number of positions available in each region varies depending upon contractual arrangements with practice facilities in that region. Since positions are limited in the Austin region, the majority of students are assigned to complete the pharmacy practice experiences in regions geographic areas other than Austin/Temple/Waco.Students will be given the opportunity to rank all available regions in order of preference. Assignments will be made by a computer generated random number sequencing process that takes into account student preferences. The timing of this process allows students, once assignments are made, to make housing and other arrangements. Students should consider all region assignments as final.

By virtue of region assignment for the P4 year, students are simultaneously assigned and must relocate to affiliated campuses immediately following the end of the P2 year in May. Students assigned to Austin/Temple/Waco, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Galveston/Houston will remain in Austin. Students assigned to San Antonio will relocate to The University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio for the two IPPE courses as well as didactic and laboratory courses during the P3 year. University of Texas El Paso and University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley cooperative program students will return to their home campuses at the same time.

This policy is subject to change at the discretion of the College based on resource allocation and other factors.

NOTE:  Transportation to and from assigned practice sites for ALL practice experiences (IPPE, APPE, and other) in the curriculum is the sole responsibility of the student.  The location of available practice sites may require that the student drive, or be transported, for more than one hour each way.

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