Registration as a Student Pharmacist Intern

Upon matriculation to the first professional year in the College of Pharmacy, each student must apply to become an intern trainee with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Each student must be registered as an intern trainee, and subsequently as a student-intern, in order to acquire, through pharmacy courses, the internship hours necessary for licensure as a pharmacist in Texas following graduation. Only after completion of the first professional year (at least thirty semester hours) as certified by the College of Pharmacy may the intern-trainee become a student-intern with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. The College of Pharmacy directs this process, and additional information is provided to students who matriculate into the professional program. Students should be aware that a social security card is required to process the intern application. Students not able to obtain a social security card cannot become student interns, and therefore cannot complete the College of Pharmacy curriculum.

Students should be aware that the process of registration as an intern includes a criminal history and fingerprint check. The existence of a criminal record may preclude the student from registration as an intern and from subsequent licensure as a pharmacist in Texas. However, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy may grant limited internship status under certain conditions to those with prior convictions. It is possible that health care facilities in which students are placed for internship may mandate an additional background check and/or drug screen. Students assigned to these facilities must comply with all such requirements. If a student cannot be placed in health care facilities because of prior convictions that appear on any background check, or because of a positive drug screen, his or her graduation may not be possible or may be significantly delayed. SeeĀ specific requirements related to student interns.

Once registered as an intern-trainee, students will earn internship hours toward licensure through professional sequence pharmacy courses. After student-intern status is conferred following successful completion of the first professional year, students may also be employed as student-interns in certain practice settings. Internship hours gained outside the College of Pharmacy curriculum, however, may not replace any portion of the College of Pharmacy’s experiential program required for graduation.

Graduates of the College of Pharmacy are eligible to apply to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy for licensure as pharmacists. Licensure exams may be taken shortly after graduation. Postgraduate internship experience is not currently required for Texas licensure but may be required for licensure in other states.

Additional information about requirements for pharmacy licensure in Texas is available from the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, William P. Hobby Building, 333 Guadalupe Street. The mailing address is PO Box 21, Austin TX 78701-3942. The URL is, and the telephone number is (512) 305-8000.

Intern registration and pharmacist licensure requirements are subject to change by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Students and graduates must meet current requirements, even if they differ from those described above.

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