Texas State Board of Pharmacy Internship Rules and Regulations

Student Pharmacist-Interns

Texas State Board of Pharmacy rules allow for an undergraduate student enrolled and having successfully completed 30 hours (all first year professional courses) towards a degree in pharmacy to be designated as a “student intern”. Student interns may perform all of the duties of an intern as prescribed in the link referenced above. A student working outside of the experiential program of the College may function as a student intern only under the direction of a preceptor licensed by the Board, and in sites and under conditions specified by the board. Student interns may accumulate internship hours toward licensure, but hours earned by this process may NOT replace the school-based internship program hours requirement described in “The Course of Study: The College-Based Experiential Program”.

The Texas State Board of Pharmacy on-line intern application must be completed by each student immediately prior to the first professional year. This application must be completed accurately and honestly, including any explanations required in reference to prior convictions. The Board performs a required criminal history check on every applicant. Failure to fully disclose the information requested, in addition to any history of convictions that the Board of Pharmacy believes could jeopardize public health, may prevent a student from becoming licensed as a student pharmacist-intern. Thus, the student would be unable to complete the requirements for a pharmacy degree and subsequent licensure as a pharmacist. However, the Board of Pharmacy may grant internship status to those with prior convictions under limited circumstances. Cases are handled on an individual basis upon receipt of the application.

Although the College facilitates the application process, students must recognize that this application is a “contract” directly with the Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Thus, students performing internship duties, whether within or outside of the college’s curriculum, are directly responsible to the Board for their actions as pharmacist-interns. Discipline of student pharmacist-interns by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy may result in academic penalties, including the ability to progress in the curriculum.

Students are responsible for notifying TSBP in writing within ten days of a change of address.

Additional information is available in the Office of Student Affairs, PHR 5.112.

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