Academic Training Program

The purpose of the Academic Training Program(ATP) for Pharmacy Residents at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is to provide pharmacy residents with fundamental knowledge and skills commonly needed for a position as a preceptor and/or a faculty member in academia.  The ATP is an elective experience for any pharmacy resident affiliated with The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy.

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Create a teaching portfolio showcasing activities completed throughout the year
  • Design a unit of instruction for a lecture and/or clinical rotation
  • Engage in and self-assess a teaching experience during a lecture and/or clinical rotation
  • Construct a philosophy of teaching and a philosophy of evaluating students

Participants will also have the option to:

  • Critique someone else’s teaching
  • Facilitate and evaluate a small group of students
  • Locate and discuss relevant literature on teaching


A face-to-face workshop at the beginning of the residency year will give an overview of the expectations for the year as well as interactive planning time for the teaching experiences. Then to complete the program, participants must complete all the program activities listed below. Background online materials will help residents explore a variety of educational issues and strategies as needed at one’s own pace.


Unit Design The resident and mentor will select a topic and will design a unit of instruction for either a lecture or clinical rotation, including learning objectives, plans for evaluation, and supplementary readings.
Philosophy Statement When applying for a faculty position, residents may be asked to provide a statement of one’s philosophy on teaching and/or grading. From past experiences as a student (and possibly as a teacher) as well as from experiences throughout this program, participants will identify and explain beliefs about the purpose of higher education, student learning, and the role of a teacher through a teaching philosophy statement. In addition, general beliefs about evaluating students will be described.
Teaching Portfolio Participants will prepare a teaching portfolio that contains a minimum of five elements: a teaching philosophy statement, a unit design for either a lecture or clinical rotation, and three other teaching activities. Each element will be accompanied by a short description of the element and its impact on the participant’s learning.


OTHER PROGRAM ACTIVITIES: (Participants must complete 3 of 6 of the following activities):

Journal Club Select a scholarly article from either the general literature on college teaching, or specific literature on teaching in the residency program’s discipline. Examples of articles may include those that describe an innovative instructional method, a theory about student motivation, or virtually any educational issue of interest.
Observation of a faculty member An important and valuable source of information about one’s teaching comes from the observations and experiences of fellow faculty members who can serve as a peer reviewer for formative purposes.
Guest lecture Prepare and teach a lesson in a content area of choice in front of a group of health care professionals, who will provide you with written constructive feedback.
Lab facilitation Prepare and facilitate a discussion with a small group of students during a minimum of four lab sessions and preferably with the same section of students.
Co-precepting Prepare and co-precept or co-supervise at least one pharmacy student during one rotation period.
Other Teaching Activity Select an alternate teaching activity to be approved in advance by the program instructor.

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