What makes our program different from others?

  1. The Academic Training Program(ATP) is a unique program to provide experience in teaching and facilitating. It is integrated into the residency, there isn’t double the work.
  2. H-E-B is an excellent place to work! H-E-B instigated the interest in growing opportunities for community pharmacy residencies in Texas.  H-E-B is also the largest private employer in Texas.
  3. The Volunteer Healthcare Clinic (VHC) is a unique environment of interprofessional collaborative practice of mostly volunteers whose vision is to help create and sustain a healthy community where all people, especially the indigent, have access to quality health care and personal well-being.

Where are past residents now?

  • I’m glad you asked! You can see all their positions and titles HERE!

Why should I do a residency instead of going directly into the community pharmacy workforce?

  • Because…..coming soon.