Learning Experiences

  • Medication Therapy Management Services  – Residents provide telephonic and in-person Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMRs) and Targeted Intervention Program (TIPs) patient care services utilizing various platforms.
  • Clinic – Residents will participate in an interprofessional clinic setting providing patient-centered, high quality health care to a wide variety of patients with a wide variety of disease states.
  • Immunizations – Residents administer a full spectrum of immunizations as allowed by Texas law both at the pharmacy sites and at off-site clinics. More information at: https://www.heb.com/pharmacy/services/immunizations.jsp
  • Health Screenings – Screenings are provided for H-E-B Partners, private employers, and the public including blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and HbA1c. More information available at: https://www.heb.com/static-page/article-template/Second-Saturday-Screenings
  • Professionalism, Leadership, & Management – Residents will gain the skills necessary to manage a community pharmacy in addition to managing the professional services offered by H-E-B.  Residents will interact with regional management and the Professional Services team at the  H-E-B home office. The Arsenal is the H-E-B’s home office. Learn more about this unique facility at: http://www.mysanantonio.com/business/slideshow/H-E-B-Arsenal-Headquarters-in-San-Antonio-72662.php
  • Patient-Centered Dispensing – Giving you the skill and knowledge to be a efficient, effective, and safe professional pharmacist. All residents will provide this service at their primary pharmacy site at least 1 day per week and rotate through the other residency sites 1 day per week.
  • Project Management – Residents will advance community-based practice and patient care by completing multiple projects during their residency year including:
    • A quality improvement project;
    • The development, implementation, and evaluation of a new pharmacy service or to the enhancement of an existing service;
    • A practice innovation or research project.
  • Teaching, Education, and Dissemination of Knowledge – Residents participate in College of Pharmacy’s Teaching and Leadership Fellows Program (TLFP). Residents who complete this program receive a certificate of completion. In addition to interacting with APPE and IPPE students, residents will facilitate labs in various courses. There are also various opportunities for various educational experience including presentations to pharmacists, nurses, physicians assistants, physicians, other healthcare providers, patients, and the public.
  • Elective Learning Experiences
    • Compounding
    • Specialty Pharmacy
    • Regional Pharmacy Management
    • Pharmacy Professional Services Administration (Corporate Management)

Local Organizational Involvement and National Conferences

  • Involvement with the local Capital Area Pharmacy Association (CAPA) monthly meetings where members can network with fellow pharmacists and hear informative presentations about innovations in pharmacy practice.
  • The residency team travels to the American Pharmacist Association (APhA) Annual Meeting and the Texas Pharmacy Association(TPA) Annual Meeting. Some team members travel to the ASHP Midyear meeting for recruitment.


The program will equip the resident to:

  • Provide direct patient care to diverse populations
  • Engage in collaborations with physicians and other health care providers
  • Serve as a role model and be able to educate pharmacy students and providers
  • Manage and develop viable new advanced patient care programs that are economically feasible
  • Provide leadership for advancing the practice of community pharmacy and the profession
  • Serve as an educator for health/wellness and disease prevention for the community
  • Lead and manage a successful community chain pharmacy that provides dispensing and clinical services

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