Residency Preceptor Award

The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy

Timeline At-A-Glance:
• UTCOP Preceptor Award Nomination Due – May 24
• Required Materials from Nominee Due – June 1
• ASHP Application Deadline – June 9
• TSHP Application Deadline – December 15


The ASHP Research and Education Foundation (REF) has offered the Pharmacy Residency Excellence Awards (PREA) Program since 2006. Their award criteria focus on innovative methods of training, mentoring, and motivating residents during their residency program. The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy has created an awards program that emulates the ASHP REF awards in order to recognize College of Pharmacy affiliated residency preceptors and to create a mechanism to nominate preceptors for the national Pharmacy Residency Excellence Awards. Award winners will be recognized at the Austin and San Antonio Residency Banquets held annually in the respective cities.

Applicants should meet the following eligibility requirements:
• A licensed practicing pharmacist in the United States;
• A pharmacy residency preceptor in an ASHP-accredited UTCOP-affiliated program for at least 3 years;
• Meets the minimum requirements for preceptors in the ASHP Residency Accreditation Standards.

The Preceptor Award recognizes a pharmacy residency preceptor who has excelled in the training of residents. Recognition of these preceptors should enable them to serve as role models for other residency preceptors. Recipients of this award should embody the following characteristics:
• history of significant contributions to residency training in the role of preceptor and mentor;
• demonstrated leadership qualities;
• respected by peers;
• innovative resident educator;
• contributor to research and service at the community and organizational levels;
• track record for instilling these qualities in their residents and positively influencing residents’ careers.

Nomination Process:

Nominations, which should be comprised of a letter that speaks to the award characteristics criteria described above, should be submitted to Gloria Fang (, in the Office of the Associate Dean for Healthcare Partnerships. Any current or former pharmacy resident, residency preceptor, faculty member, residency program coordinator, or residency program director may nominate. Any residency preceptor, residency program coordinator, or residency program director may be nominated. Nominees will be contacted to ask them for a current CV & ASHP APR.  The nomination letter and CV will be reviewed by a selection committee comprised of members of the UTCOP Residencies Committee. The winner will be selected and announced at the annual residency banquets in Austin and San Antonio in June. The recipient will be given the opportunity to submit to the national ASHP REF Pharmacy Residency Excellence Awards (PREA) Program. If so chosen, the award winner will work with the College to collect the required documentation to submit for the national award.

Required Documentation for UTCOP Award:

1. Nomination letter
2. The nominee’s CV
3. ASHP Preceptor Academic and Professional Record (APR)