Links and Documents

Meetings Calendar

Official student organizations meeting calendar for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018(pdf)

Student Organizations Workbook

Workbook (pdf) includes information about budget Guidelines, travel, food policies, & more.

Student Travel

Consult the appropriate checklist to have all required forms:

Travel Instructions (pdf)
Request for Authorization, Student Travel: University Organized or Sponsored Events (one per trip) (pdf)
Required Emergency Contact Information Form (pdf)
Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment – Adult (pdf)
Travel Information: Hotel and Transportation (pdf)
Release and Indemnification Agreement – Adult Student (pdf)
Automobile Inspection and Registration Sticker Verification (pdf)
Student Travel Stipend Policy (pdf)
Stipend Reimbursement (submit after travel)(pdf)

 Purchasing & Reimbursement

Office Max Order Form (pdf)
Procard Cover Sheet (pdf)
Purchase Request Form (pdf)
Student Organization – Official Occasion Expense Form (pdf)
Student Reimbursement Form (items purchased w/ personal funds)(pdf)

Sponsorship Form

Download Sponsorship Form Here (pdf)

Request a Room Key

Download Room Key Form Here (pdf)

Student Name Tags

Order from UT-APhA-ASP

College Wordmark and University Trademarks

Guidelines for use of workmark(pdf)
What the Wordmark is and When to use it

Food Distribution

Food distribution for campus events is restricted by policy. Read more about:
Food Safety Policy
Distribution Forms (UTEID required)
Official Occasion Expense Form (pdf)

Health Fair Documents

Policies (pdf)
Request Form (pdf)
Preceptor Profile (pdf)

Cashier Training (CW 505)

Cashier Training Manual (pdf)
Cashier Training Certificate (pdf)

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