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Make a difference in the life of a UT pharmacy student today by serving as a career contact.

UT College of Pharmacy Career Contact Program

Career contacts are UT Pharmacy alumni who have volunteered to offer their perspective and advice to current Pharm. D. and graduate students. This is a dynamic list, so check back for updates. Please visit our listing of career contacts by specialty or career contacts by alphabetical order.

About the program:

Every day, our graduates are making the difference in the world through their professionalism and expertise. The career contacts program serves to bridge the gap between our alumni and our students. Pharmacy alumni who are interested in serving as career contacts submit a career profile. Career contacts must be currently licensed to practice pharmacy. Students who are interested in connecting with career contacts may peruse this list to identify alumni who have relevant professional interests. For example, students interested in health system pharmacy can look for alumni in this field; students interested in talking to alumni who did specific residencies can search for such information. 

How it works:

Once students identify people who they would like to contact, students are asked to send a message to the Development Office to make this request. Alumni office staff will notify the alumni to get permission to share phone and/or email with the interested student. At that point, students and alumni will make connections, which may lead to an email exchange, phone conversation, or in-person meeting. Often, these relationships can develop into mentorships. Please note: alumni contact information is kept private. Once a student expresses interest in connecting, someone from the pharmacy alumni office will contact the alum who will decide whether to release his/her contact info. Likewise, students will be informed that College of Pharmacy staff will not provide alumni contacts any personal or academic information regarding the students. The only information disclosed will come directly from the students themselves, and will be held in confidence by the alumni career contact. 

Benefits of this program:

As students navigate diverse practice settings and embark on their professional careers, it can be beneficial for them to connect with and receive guidance from alumni who have experience in diverse career settings. Career contacts may help students by:

  • Sharing experiences of working in different fields and rotations
  • Advising on career options
  • Helping to identify their perceived strengths and weaknesses
  • Letting them job shadow
  • Helping with cover letters, resumes, interview preparation, and graduate school applications


Are you interested in serving as a career contact? Email Susan Brown for more information.


Do you see a person or people who interest you professionally? Contact the Development Office to let us know so we can begin setting up the connection.

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