Shannon Smith

Graduate Student
PHR 2.212

Previous Work:

  • B.S. in Food Science and Technology from Texas A&M University
  • Shannon has over 13 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, including product promotion and as an account executive.

Research Interests:

  • Value-based reimbursement and benefit-design
  • Pricing and market access
  • Digital health
  • Genotype-guided therapy
  • Healthcare entrepreneurship: market validation and business planning


  • Smith S, Barner J, Jokerst J, Srinivasa M.  Pharmacists’ interventions in community and ambulatory care practice settings: estimated cost avoidance (ECA) methodology and documentation analysis.  Poster, American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting, March, 2016.
  • Smith S, Rascati K.  Systematic review of recent pharmacoeconomic evaluations related to genotype-guided therapy in patients at high risk for future thromboembolic events.  Poster, International Society for Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research, May 2015.

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