Key Priority 2

Infrastructure and Support of Graduate and Postdoctoral Education and Training

Strategic Direction 1: Evaluate and improve the organizational structure of the graduate student and postdoctoral programs.

Objective 1: Graduate Program Evaluation

Objective 2: Autonomous Postdoctoral Program

Strategic Direction 2: Maximize recruitment and retention of top-tier graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Objective 1: Graduate Student Stipends

Objective 2: Top-Tier Graduate Students

Objective 3: Postdoctoral Fellowships

Objective 4: Top-Tier Postdoctoral Fellows

Objective 5: Retention of Graduate Students and Fellows

Objective 6: Programs and Accomplishments on Website

Strategic Direction 3: Achieve excellence in graduate education.

Objective 1: Curricular Transformation

Objective 2: Individualized Curricula

Objective 3: Interdisciplinary Opportunities

Strategic Direction 4: Achieve excellent quality graduate student and postdoctoral research.

Objective 1: Expectations at Graduation

Strategic Direction 5: Ensure that all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are adequately prepared to pursue an independent career within their discipline.

Objective 1: Mentoring Program for Postdoctoral Fellows

Objective 2: Careers in Academia

Objective 3: Career Building Opportunities

Objective 4: Individualized Mentoring Program

Objective 5: Grant Proposals

Objective 6: Participation in Annual National Meetings

Objective 7: Future Employment Data

Objective 8: Webpage for Funding Opportunities


Strategic Direction 6: Expand graduate and postdoctoral experiences to maximize networking and build allegiance to each division and to the college.

Objective 1: Networking Activities

Objective 2: Graduate Program Events

Objective 3: Alumni Relationships

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