Strategic Direction 3 – Objective 2

Key Priority 3 Strategic Direction 3

Strategic Direction 3: Achieve excellence in graduate education.

Individualized Curricula

By September 2016, document a system that enables graduate students to develop individualized curricula consistent with programmatic expectations and that ensures an appropriate timeline of progress.

Accountable: principal investigators/mentors, division graduate advisors.




Graduate Student

Graduate student in one of the college’s many research labs.


  1. Within six months of matriculation, each first-year graduate student develops a program of study that includes coursework and a calendar for milestones.
  2. All graduate students meet annually with a committee (division or thesis/dissertation) to discuss both curricular and research progress towards candidacy or degree requirements.
  3. A system is implemented whereby graduating students conduct an exit interview to give quantifiable feedback on their graduate experience and how it prepared them for the next career step.