Key Priority 3

Excellence in Research and Scholarship

Strategic Direction 1: Develop and implement strategies to increase funding for research.

Objective 1: Grant Proposals Submissions

Objective 2: Guidelines and Incentives for Funding

Objective 3: Contact with Funding Sources

Strategic Direction 2: Strategically position and provide an infrastructure for collaborative, multidisciplinary research at all levels.

Objective 1: Collaborative Areas of Research Excellence

Objective 2: Collaborative Research Projects

Strategic Direction 3: Develop and implement strategies to facilitate research and increase rewards and efficiencies.

Objective 1: Administrative Support for Grants

Objective 2: Faculty Scholarship

Objective 3: Incentives for Grant Proposal Submissions

Objective 4: Students and Fellows in College Research Programs

Objective 5: Research Leadership Committee

Objective 6: Shared Instrumentation and Core Facilities

Strategic Direction 4: Develop and implement a strong mentorship program for research.

Objective 1: Incentives for Research Mentors

Objective 2: Internal Grant Review Committee

Objective 3: Assistant Professor Seminar Series

Strategic Direction 5: Develop and implement a plan to increase publications and dissemination of scholarship efforts in the college to the scientific, health, and lay communities.

Objective 1: Scientific Publications

Objective 2: Public Visibility of Research and Scholarship

Objective 3: External Visibility of Research and Scholarship

Objective 4: Educational Involvement with the Community


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