Strategic Direction 2 – Objective 1

Key Priority 3, SD 2

Strategic Direction 2: Strategically position and provide an infrastructure for collaborative, multidisciplinary research at all levels.

Collaborative Areas of Research Excellence

By September 2017, update, prioritize, implement and fund the collaborative areas of research excellence to facilitate collaborative research in the college.

Accountable: associate dean for research & graduate studies.




  1. Collaborative areas of research excellence are established, prioritized, and leadership and members are identified.
  2. The college website is updated to support and educate about opportunities for both internal and external collaborations.
  3.  Tenure track faculty hires are consistent with research interests in these areas.
  4.  Pilot project seed funding is used to fund collaborations among COP faculty for new, interdisciplinary work that would not otherwise have been initiated.
  5.  The number of papers/grants from multi-PI collaborations is increased by 50%.