Strategic Direction 5 – Objective 2

Key Priority 3 SD 5

Strategic Direction 5: Develop and implement a plan to increase publications and dissemination of scholarship efforts in the college to the scientific, health, and lay communities.

Public Visibility of Research and Scholarship

By January 2016, increase public visibility of research and scholarship to the general public, and focus on targeting alumni.

Accountable: college communications coordinator, associate dean for research & graduate studies, research leadership committee.



  1. The number of public events in which faculty research is publicized increases compared to prior years.
  2. Numbers of presentations, patents, awards, reviews, conferences, press releases, newspaper articles, monthly email blasts, press releases to PhRMA, TED talks, YouTube and short video messages on college website, Twitter, etc.) increases.
  3. An annual event is established to recognize scholarly activities from tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure-track faculty, including traditional research activities and other non-traditional scholarly activities.