Strategic Direction 1 – Objective 1

Key Priority 5

Strategic Direction 1: Position the college to achieve its mission and vision.

Annual Review of Strategic Plan

By January 2016, develop an accountability system that includes an annual review of the college’s strategic plan.

Accountable: dean’s cabinet, pharmacy assessment council.

New Resources Needed: personnel (systems expert for the development of the accountability and monitoring systems, internal and external reviewers).


  1. An accountability system is developed and is used to evaluate each objective of the strategic plan.
  2. Internal and external reviews are completed.
  3. Reviewers’ feedback is shared with the dean’s cabinet, other college representatives and key stakeholders.
  4. An open forum is created and is used for all stakeholders to voice concerns, describe new proposals, and provide data and rationale for those proposals.
  5. College leaders revise the strategic plan in response to feedback from reviewers, the dean’s cabinet, other college representatives, and key stakeholders.