Proteomics Facility

The Proteomics Facility provides services, self-service equipment, and collaborative research for the detection, characterization, and quantification of biomolecules. The facility labs are located in MBB 1.420 (ICMB) and PHR 1.110 (College of Pharmacy). The facility is supported by the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas Shared Instrumentation Award RP110782 and by institutional funds provided by ICMB, UT-Austin and the College of Pharmacy.

News and Announcements:

Please visit the Proteomics Facility Wiki for announcements, protocols and FAQs.

Call for proposals for experiments in cancer prevention and research to make use of the Orbitrap instrumentation in the University of Texas at Austin Proteomics Facility (PF).

CPRIT grant RP110782 has funded the purchase of the Thermo Orbitrap Elite, a state-of-the art, high-resolution mass spectrometer housed in the ICMB Proteomics Facility.  We are calling for proposals on cancer prevention and research to utilize the facility instrumentation capable of performing qualitative and quantitative proteomics experiments at high sensitivity.  Successful applicants will have access to a discounted hourly rate for services and priority for collaborative experiments on the Orbitrap instrumentation.

Please submit proposal for consideration, not to exceed 1 page, with the following format:

PI, grant agency and number supporting the project, project aims, experimental plan estimating usage requirement and describing preliminary data, and relevance to cancer research, including potential impact.

The proposals will be reviewed by the grant oversight committee and successful applicants will be notified by November 2.  The discounted rate will apply to all Orbitrap experiments subject to the hourly rate for the approved project until the grant conclusion on June 30, 2016.  Other core services utilized will be billed at the normal rates.

Researchers who are not selected have access to PF proteomics services, either at the internal rates for those working at UT System campuses or the external rate for other entities.  See the wiki and website for more information:

Submission deadline is October 8, via email to Maria Person




Core Services and Collaborative Projects:

Mass spectrometry:

Self-service instrumentation available:

When using core services, remember to cite the Proteomics Facility in your publications, and funding source CPRIT RP110782 when work was at subsidized CPRIT rate, and send the citation to Maria Person. Continued support for the facility depends on documented outcomes.

*If you are interested in collaborating on a protein modification or quantitation project, contact Maria Person.