The Proteomics Facility is housed in dedicated instrumentation laboratories located in MBB 1.420 and PHR 5.220.

The following instruments are included in the facility with installation date in parantheses.


Two Thermo Orbitrap Fusions (2017), one with ETD fragmentation (2015) coupled to Dionex Ultimate 3000 RSLCnano Nanoflow UPLCs.

Thermo Scientific

MS and CID, HCD or ETD MSn analysis with electrospray ionization. Protein identification from gel bands, gel sections, and solution mixtures. Proteome Discoverer Sequest HT, MS-Amanda, X!Tandem, and MASCOT database search engines, Scaffold data visualization, validation, quantitation with spectral counting or stable isotope labeling. Post-translational modification site determination. Byonic post-translational modification and crosslinking analysis, XlinkX crosslinking determination.


Protein Digest

Intavis DigestPro MSi (2016)


The Intavis DigestPro MSi is an automated robotic platform for performing enzymatic digests of protein samples submitted to the lab. Along with fully automated in-gel and in-solution digest capabilities, the DigestPro can also perform automated ziptipping procedures, which has higher reproducibility in comparison to manual ziptip procedures.


AB Voyager-DE PRO MALDI-TOF (2001)

Maldi Workstation

MALDI-MS is suitable for many types of biomolecules, including proteins, peptides, lipids, polymers, drugs and chemicals. The instrument has linear and reflector detectors. Self-service training available for Voyager.

More information at: MALDI-MS

LC Systems

Dionex Ultimate 3000 UPLC (2015)

Ultimate 3000
Biorad BioLogic DuoFlow FPLC ( 4 C) (2007)
Self-service FPLC for high resolution purification of proteins and peptides when recovery of activity is important.
Flow rates ml/min.

More information at: LC Systems

Protein/Peptide Concentration Measurement

EMD Millipore Direct Detect IR Spectrometer (2012)

Uses FTIR to quantitate proteins or peptides in solution without interference from reagents (most detergents etc)


Gel Electrophoresis

Gel Electrophoresis


Training and space provided for self-service gel electrophoresis

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