Unpublished Research

Raji Srinivasan (2015), Lack of Toilets and Violence against Indian Women: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications.  NonFamilyViolenceAgainstIndianWomen

Jade Dekinder, Nita Umashankar, and Raji Srinivasan (2011), “A Window to the World: Effects of CEOs’ Sensing of Marketing Opportunities and Threats  on Firms’ Marketing Responses.” Click here for PDF.

Raji Srinivasan and Robert Parrino (2010), “CEOs With Marketing Backgrounds:When Are They Appointed And Do They Improve Firm Performance?” Click here for PDF.

Raji Srinivasan (2007), “Do Analysts Pay Attention to Marketing? Advertising, R&D, and Dispersion in Analysts’ Forecasts.” Click here for PDF.

Raji Srinivasan, Sridhar Balasubramanian, and Rajendra Srivastava (2004), “Wealth Effects of Marketing Announcements: An Event Study.” Click here for PDF.

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