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The Redesign is Over, Long Live the Redesign

The Refresh Project ended in November 2010 with the launch of the redesigned website. As with any website, the design and content will continue to evolve as the needs of our users change and new technologies expand our possibilities. Future

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CMS Selection Process Results

One of the primary goals of the Refresh project is to select and implement a content management system (CMS) for core pages within the directory structure. Since September, we have been engaged in a research and evaluation process which

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FYI on Refresh CMS Selection Tomorrow

Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 2) Jason Craft and Paul Grotevant will be presenting an overview and the results of the Refresh CMS selection process as part of the FYI program for the campus IT community. The FYI will be held from

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CMS Selection Process – Final Phase

We are now in the third phase of our Content Management System (CMS) selection process for the Refresh project. To recap our progress so far… Phase 1 was the development of a Selection Criteria Matrix that we would use to

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Updated CMS Selection Criteria Matrix

Just wanted to post our revised evaluation matrix for CMS selection, which incorporates some good commentary from our developer community.  The Refresh team is using this matrix to review our initial list of candidates, and plan to have a short

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Criteria and Candidates for CMS Selection

The Refresh team’s been working on our criteria for selecting a content management system (CMS) for Web Central, and have a draft that we’d like to share. We’ve scoped our goals fairly conservatively: the CMS we are looking to implement

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