Interest Groups

Members and their guests may participate in any or all of the following groups.


The Bridge Group meets on the first Monday of each month in the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center at 1 p.m. Texas Exes provides free parking in the garage below, as well as free iced drinks and coffee, both regular and de-caf.

Mary Kay Hemenway,
Kathey Ferland,


The Exercise group meets in Gregory Gym (the north studio on the first floor) from 8:30 to 9:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To participate, you need to join Rec Sports; there is a 50% discount for retirees. Experienced exercise instructors Sandy Erickson and Linda Brown lead us in a variety of exercises designed for all ages and fitness levels. These include balance work, stretches, yoga and low-impact pilates, using exercise balls, hand weights, thera-bands and BOSU balls. We have men and women members of a wide range of fitness levels. Our instructors can adapt the exercises for anyone with special needs. This is a small, friendly group that welcomes new members. If you are a person who has resisted caring for your physical needs, come and check us out. Do not be intimidated. If you aren’t a member of Rec Sports, you can join at their office just inside the entrance to Gregory Gym. Or you can buy a one-time pass and try out the class before deciding whether to join.
Chair: Carolyn Wylie, 512-453-2556,

Carolyn Wylie, 512-453-2556,


The purpose of this group is to provide an opportunity for RFSA members and a guest to experience interesting restaurants in Austin and to socialize.  Guests will be responsible for their own costs.

Robert Lawrence, 512-585-6208,


The Health Group meets at a branch of Austin Public Libraries, generally on the third Monday of each month.

Linda Millstone, 512-799-0742,
Karrol Kitt, 512-299-2646,

RFSA Speaker Series

These events will be held at a branch of Austin Public Libraries, generally on the third Wednesday of each month.

Phil Kelton, 512-466-9120,
Alice Reinarz, 979-571-7723,


Meetings are announced by email. This group normally meets at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center in the Moffett Library.

The group discusses future travel destinations and participates in talks and presentations of members’ trips already taken. Of particular interest are various modes of travel, such as educationally focused travel, volunteer or service-centered travel and more.

Marcia Arn, 512-750-1203,
Mike Arn, 512-626-6271,
Karen & John Harrison, 512-258-4506,