Scholarship Fund

The Retired Faculty-Staff Association created a scholarship fund in 1983 and awarded the first scholarship five years later in 1988. Members and friends donate to that endowment, which has a market value of over $1,000,000. Available income from that fund varies, depending on prevailing interest rates and market conditions.

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The UT Office of Student Financial Services administers the Fund and selects recipients based on merit and financial need. Among the scholarships awarded are those named in honor of the following: Dr. Stanley Arbingast, Dr. William T. (Bill) Belt, Dr. Peter and Priscilla Flawn, Drs. Benjamin and Dorothy Fruchter, Dr. Robert E. Greenwood, Dr. Margaret Colyer Kirkner, and Dr. John and Helen McKetta.

2019-20 Recipients

Nineteen University of Texas students received scholarships.

  • Mir Ali, Junior, Neuroscience BSA
  • Shayan Ali, Junior, Management Information Systems
  • Omar Aly, Senior, Chemical Engineering
  • Jesse Beaman, Senior, Design and Creative Technology
  • Jahnvi Bhakta, Junior, Finance
  • Rachel Brake
  • Jimin Chun, Senior, Nursing
  • Chantelle D’Souza, Senior, Biology
  • Bianca Garcia, Senior, Kinesiology
  • Anapaula Guajardo, Sophomore, Radio-Television-Film, Theatre and Dance
  • Xuan Jiang, Senior, Management Information Systems and Economics
  • Alexander Kanora, 5 th year, Chemical Engineering
  • Andrei Kleinschmidt, 2 nd year, Masters Business Administration
  • Yana Maskov, P4, Pharmacy
  • Taylor Morgan, Sophomore, Masters in Social Work
  • Jaime Pena, P4, Pharmacy
  • Maojing Qin, Junior, Biochemistry, Pre-Med
  • Ruth Raichur, Sophomore, Biology, Genetics, Genomics
  • Sofia Valdez, Senior, Mechanical Engineering

Contribute to RFSA Scholarships

Double your donation! RFSA will provide one-to- one matching funds from its operating fund for donations to the RFSA Scholarship Fund, up to a total amount of $10,000. All donations beyond the matching funds $10,000 will still be welcomed.