MIS375 – Strategic Technology Management

This course serves as a capstone course, integrating technological and managerial aspects of information technology. It is designed to get students acquainted with the Internet technologies that are vital to business innovation and corporate transformation. Students will be exposed to concepts and applications of various modern technologies through case studies. Selected cases will accelerate the understanding of information and technology for deriving insights into customer and business behavior. The case based learning will be complemented with a project on developing an online strategy for increasing customer reach and awareness.


  • Strategy map and balanced scorecard
  • Centralized vs distributed IT processes
  • Strategic (long-term forward-looking) investment
  • Customer lock-in and switching cost
  • Competing with FREE
  • Network effect
  • Multi-sided markets
  • Crowdsourcing & prediction markets
  • Social influence & marketing
  • Data analysis: correlation vs causation
  • Data analysis: inference vs predictions
  • Information search & page rank (Eigenvector & Eigenvalue)
  • Recommendation systems (collaborative filtering)
  • Big data (HDFS, MapReduce, and data clouds)
  • Information security (DoS, WEP/WPA, data encryption)


Student teams of 3-4 candidates are free to chose 1 of the following 4 options for the class project:

  1. Analyze search data (text and keywords) to develop online advertising strategy for a non-profit organization (http://www.google.com/onlinechallenge/discover/index.html).
  2. Build a social media advertising and engagement strategy by analyzing social data and market research for a non-profit organization.
  3. Identify a information/technology challenge faced by a corporation and develop a solution to help that organization in addressing those challenges (eg process innovation)
  4. Develop a new business (preferably a mobile app) that would help simplify the challenges faced by a wide array of businesses or customers.


  • Capital One
  • Petco
  • Social Distillery
  • The Laugh Factory
  • Austin Habitat of Humanity
  • Austin Piano Festival
  • Foundation Communities
  • Inter-Cooperative Council
  • UT McCombs
  • UT Engineering
  • MindPOP (CreativeTeach)
  • Hooked (app)
  • Skillpoint Alliance
  • Avion Park
  • Long Center
  • St. Austin
  • Austin Pets Alive
  • Marathon Kids
  • Texans for Arts
  • Blackdemics
  • and many others…

Do send me a note if your organization is interested in participating in one of the class projects..


  • “Professor Garg is one of the instructors that really has a passion for what he is teaching, and this is reflected in each of his lectures”
  • “Garg really cares about his students. He is always available and really wants them to learn/ask questions. He was super prepared for class always and made it fun with interactive activities. One of my favorite professors at UT thus far.”

  • “I have learned so much in this class! Definitely eye opening to the world and complexity of technology. He tied other classes to MIS, like finance and marketing, and really put my puzzle together…”

  • “Best professor at McCombs. Really challenged his students to think outside the box and go beyond the likes of the class. Most interested professor at UT. He really really dedicates time and so much passion to this class…”

  • “Just a great course taught by a great professor. Provided very practical and useful knowledge for MIS professionals”