Jennifer Ridings-Myhra is the assistant dean for experiential and professional affairs at The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy. In this capacity, she oversees the statewide experiential (internship) program. This particular responsibility involves the continuous quality management of 24 regional faculty members, approximately 375 students per year in introductory through advanced pharmacy practice experiences, and more than 1000 preceptor-faculty (preceptors), 500 affiliated practice sites in six defined regions of the state, and approximately ten experiential courses.

In addition to directing the statewide experiential program, Ms. Ridings-Myhra also coordinates the Professional Development Convocation course for third year pharmacy students, and lectures in several other pharmacy courses.

Among her other activities, Ms. Ridings-Myhra has served as the secretary to the Texas Pharmacy Congress since its inception in 1988,and facilitates the Texas Consortium on Experiential Programs. She also serves as a liaison from the college to local, state, and national pharmacy organizations. Her research and professional interests are focused in the areas of experiential learning and facilitation.

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