Student Employee Excellence Development

Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) Program

Professional Growth for Student Employees

Program Overview

If you are employed by the university in a student academic or non-academic job, the Student Employee Excellence Development (SEED) Program is for you! The program is designed to provide you with opportunities to enhance your skill set, knowledge, and leadership potential so you can excel in the student workforce and in your future career.

Benefits of Participating

The SEED Program is a “choose your own adventure” in which you customize your professional development experiences around knowledge, skill, and career interests.

Here are just a few of the benefits of participating:

  • Turn your employment into a personal and professional development opportunity
  • Learn to connect your student job to your career goals
  • Improve your interpersonal communication, time management, and stress management skills
  • Discover valuable resources across campus
  • Increase your intercultural fluency and ability to work effectively with others

If you complete the SEED certification requirements, you also will:

  • Receive a SEED certificate
  • Be able to list “Student Employee Excellence Certification” on your resume
  • Be recognized during National Student Employee Appreciation Week in April
  • Receive a letter acknowledging your achievement from the Associate Vice President for Human Resources (Advanced Certification only)

See what students who have earned a Student Employee Excellence Certification have to say about the benefits of the program!

Certification Requirements

To earn Student Employee Excellence Certification, you must have at least 240 hours of employment in a student title at the university (e.g., 12 weeks at 20 hours per week or 24 weeks at 10 hours per week). This requirement can be met at any time before you graduate.

To earn a Level 1 Certification, you also must:

  • Participate in at least six professional development experiences. A student can attend a mix of campus workshops, online classes from LinkedIn Learning, or other experiences that fit within the competency areas.
  • Submit to the Student Employment Consultant a written reflection on what you learned in the workshops or from your employment with the university. Please see the Guidelines for SEED Reflections and Projects [pdf].

To earn an Advanced Certification, you must complete the requirements for Level 1 and, in addition:

  • Participate in at least four additional professional development experiences (a total of 10 activities)
  • Complete a project that furthers student employee training. Please see the Guidelines for SEED Reflections and Projects [pdf].

You must complete the workshop attendance and written reflection requirements within three long semesters.

How Do I Participate?

Participation in the SEED Program is free! If you plan to attend a workshop during your regularly scheduled work shift, you will need permission from your supervisor. Please check with your supervisor to see if your attendance will count as work time.

To earn credit for attending a SEED workshop, you must participate in professional development activities advertised on SEED Workshop Schedule,

You can start attending SEED workshops before you’ve completed the 240-hour employment requirement for certification. If you need accommodations to participate, please contact us at

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SEED Partners

The SEED workshops are being presented by experts and training specialists from across campus. Partners include:

  • Gender and Sexuality Center
  • Texas Career Engagement
  • McCombs School of Business
  • Office of the Dean of Students – Leadership and Ethics Institute
  • Office of the Student Ombuds
  • Sanger Learning Center
  • Services for Students with Disabilities
  • Title IX Office
  • University Unions
  • UT Counseling and Mental Health Center

Support for the SEED Program

The Student Employee Excellence Development Program at UT Austin is supported by donations to the University Operations Student Employee Recognition Program fund. Donations will help ensure the continuation of efforts to recognize and offer development opportunities to student employees.

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