The Effect of Mortgage Securitization on Foreclosure and Modification
Journal of Financial Economics 129 (3): 586-607 (2018)
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○  Working Paper

Do Labor Markets Discipline? Evidence from RMBS Bankers” (with John M. Griffin and Gonzalo Maturana)
Journal of Financial Economics 133 (3): 726-750 (2019)
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○  Media Coverage: Bloomberg, VICE, Vocativ

Personal Infidelity and Professional Conduct in 4 Settings” (with John M. Griffin and Gonzalo Maturana)
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 116 (33): 16268-16273 (2019)
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○  Media Coverage: Bloomberg, Science Daily, additional coverage
○  Working paper previously circulated as: “Do Personal Ethics Influence Corporate Ethics?”

Collateral Misreporting in the RMBS Market” (with Gonzalo Maturana)
Management Science, Accepted
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What Drove the 2003–2006 House Price Boom and Subsequent Collapse? Disentangling Competing Explanations” (with John M. Griffin and Gonzalo Maturana)
Journal of Financial Economics, Accepted
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Working Papers:

Assessing Valuation Risk: Theory and Empirical Evidence” (2019)
Revise and Resubmit at Critical Finance Review
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Disagreement and Liquidity” (2020)
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“Do Municipal Bond Dealers Give their Customers ‘Fair and Reasonable’ Pricing?” (2020, with John M. Griffin and Nicholas Hirschey)

Persistence in Mutual Fund Performance: Analysis of Holdings Returns” (2007)