It is estimated that more than 80% of all human infections are caused with microbial biofilms (NIH) (Rinde, Thomas et al. 2005; Harriott and Noverr 2011). In addition, they are extremely difficult to eliminate by both host defenses and by antimicrobial therapy (Harriott and Noverr 2011) and therefore biofilms pose an significant burden in medicine. Biofilms are mostly polymicrobial communities consisting of both commensal and pathogenic organisms, both eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Thus, diagnosis and the treatment of biofilm infections is a challenging task and needs multiple therapeutic approaches and strategies (Harriott and Noverr 2011).

Our approaches to biofilm eradication include:

  • Novel therapeutics
  • Anti-biofilm devices
  • Nutritional-therapeutic approaches to biofilm treatment
  • Nanoparticles


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