Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Moraga-Espinoza!

Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Moraga-Espinoza for successfully defending his thesis work titled Development of a New Method of Determining Pharmaceutical Aerosol Plume Geometry Based on Drug Mass and Inhalation Flow. Daniel plans to continue to research pharmaceutical aerosols as an Assistant Professor at the Universidad de Valparaíso in Chile.








Dr. Moraga-Espinoza’s work has been published in Current pharmaceutical design, the Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery, the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, and the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Spring 2016 Graduations

Congratulations to Dr. Matt Herpin, PhD and Ashlee Brunaugh, PharmD!

Dr. Herpin successfully defended his dissertation and has received his Doctor of Philosophy. He is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the lab.

Ashlee has successfully completed the Doctor of Pharmacy program. She will be continuing in the lab as she pursues her PhD.


Student Receives 2016 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Lara Heersema, a first-year biomedical engineering graduate student was selected for the 2016 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program.

NSF Fellows are chosen based based on their academic achievements and potential for significant achievements in science and engineering.

Congratulations Lara!

Updates – November 2014

Kristin Fathe, Ph.D. joins the lab as “Chief of Staff” and Editorial Assistant, welcome Kristin!

Dr Smyth named Editor-in-Chief of Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy – one of the oldest journals in pharmaceutics.

Diana Guzman-Villanueva publishes “Enhanced cellular uptake and gene silencing activity of siRNA molecules mediated by chitosan-derivative nano complexes” in Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Sirna graphical abstract


Dr Smyth presents at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Meeting – At the mini symposium organized by Drs Paolo Colombo and Carla Caramella, Dr Smyth presented on “Drug – Device Combinations for Inhalation Delivery”.

2014-11-04 11.01.08


Matthew Herpin presents poster at American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Meeting ” Aqueous Based Aerosol Vehicles for Enhanced Ocular Drug Delivery”

Ju Du and Ping Du present a poster at American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Meeting “Effect of Device Design on Granulated Lactose Based DPI Formulations”

Ping Du and Ju Du present a poster at American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences Meeting “Evaluation of Granulated Lactose as a Carrier for High Drug Loaded DPI Formulations”

Updates October 2014

Congratulations to Srimahitha Kaliki for her successful defense of her Ph.D. dissertation “Characterization of Biological Hydrogel Barriers”. Well done Dr Kaliki!

Updates August 2014

Congratulations to Dr Nihal Bandara and his team: Alejandro Harb, David Kolacny, and Patricia Martins for their work “Sound waves effectively assist tobramycin in elimination of Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms in vitro.” that has been accepted for publication in AAPS PharmSciTech!


Updates July 2014

Congratulations to Ju Du and collaborator, Dr Ibrahim El-Sherbiny on the publication of Swellable Ciprofloxacin-Loaded Nano-in-Micro Hydrogel Particles for Local Lung Drug Delivery paper in AAPS PharmSciTech!

Congratulations to Diana Guzman-Villaneuva and collaborators: Dea Herrara (Facultad de Farmacia, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos, Cuernavaca, Mexico),  Ibrahim M. El-Sherbiny (The University of Science and Technology, Zewail City, Egypt, and Alexander (Sasha) V. Vlassov from Life Technologies for the paper: Enhanced cellular uptake and gene silencing activity of siRNA molecules mediated by chitosan-derivative nano complexes published in International Journal of Pharmaceutics!



Updates: June 2014

June 2014

Dr Silvia Ferrati joins the lab as a Post-doctoral fellow from the Houston Methodist Hospital Research Institute!

Dr Xianfei Xie also joins the lab as a visiting scientist!

Dr Smyth is accepted into the AACP academic research fellows program.

Ping Du and Ju Du publish paper on “Evaluation of Granulated Lactose as a Carrier for DPI Formulations 1: Effect of Granule Size” in AAPS PharmSciTech