Committee Chair Descriptions & Responsibilities

Chronic Kidney Disease (Keep Sake) Co-Chair:

Coordinate events/health screenings or present a poster to increase awareness on the risk factors and disease states that can lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD). This includes distribution of health information and CKD awareness during National Kidney Disease Awareness Month every March.

HIV/AIDS (Remember the Ribbon) Co-Chair:

Coordinate event/health screenings or present a poster to improve health, education, and social environment of minority communities with respect to HIV/AIDS awareness, education, and prevention.

Operation Immunization Co-Chair:

Coordinate events/health screenings or present a poster to increase the public’s knowledge about immunizations while increasing the number of children and adults who receive immunizations.

Power to End Stroke Chairs/Smoking Cessation Co-Chair:

Coordinate events/health screenings or present a poster to increase awareness of stroke signs, symptoms, and prevention as well as increase awareness about high blood pressure and smoking cessation in underserved communities.

Project Fight Diabetes Co-Chair:

Coordinate events/health screenings or present a poster that educates patients on disease state management, lifestyle modifications, medication therapy, and monitoring related to diabetes.

Alumni Relations Chair:

Prepare one newsletter each semester that is sent out to SNPhA alumni that keeps them engaged in current SNPhA member involvement. Additionally, provide networking opportunities between current SNPhA members and SNPhA alumni.

Chapter Achievement Program Coordinator (CAPS):

Keep the UT SNPhA chapter informed of collaboration opportunities discussed with neighboring SNPhA chapters (UIW/A&M/Tech). The CAPS coordinator should establish contact with their neighboring chapters on a monthly basis in order to ensure that UT SNPhA chapter participates in at least one neighboring chapter (UIW/A&M/Tech) event each semester.

Culture Co-Chair:

Promote cultural diversity and awareness within SNPhA and is also responsible for collaborating with other UTCOP organizations to host cultural events.

Delegate Chair:

Serve as a representative of UT College of Pharmacy and UT SNPhA Chapter at a national level. Additionally, the delegate chair is responsible for developing improvements to the national SNPhA Constitution called, resolutions, in order to ensure that it is up to date and aligns with our values as an organization. These improvements can be anything from removing old resolutions, modifying current ones, or proposing entirely new ones. In order to adequately assist the delegate chair with this process, they will receive help from the president, SNPhA advisors, a small committee, and potentially other universities. The delegate chair is also responsible for presenting the completed resolution at both the regional and national conference, which we provide stipends to attend. If our resolution is accepted through majority vote, it is adopted into the SNPhA constitution, which positively represents our school and chapter on a national level!

Fundraising Co-Chair:

Assist the treasurer with sales of merchandise at all fundraisers, keep records of all inventory, and search/initiate new fundraisers to raise money for SNPhA.

Ghostgram/Valograms Chair:

Advertise and sell Ghostgrams/Valograms to his or her classmates, filling the bags with candy, attaching the message to each bag, and distributing them when they are ready to be delivered. The chairs will have assistance from members of the organization with filling and distributing the bags.

K-12 Outreach Co-Chair:

Find events to promote the profession of pharmacy at local high school and middle school events (Lanier HS/Kealing MS). Establish weekly group mentoring sessions with participating K-12 school. (Kealing MS/Maplewood Elementary)

Mr. PharmD Co-Coordinator:

Setting up the event involves the recruitment of contestants, securing the event location, publicizing the event, and arranging the order of events during the competition.

Pharmacy Council Representative:

Attend all Pharmacy Council meetings with president. Responsible for keeping SNPhA members informed about all college-wide events. Responsible for ensuring SNPhA participation in all college-wide events

Pharmacy Formal Co-Coordinator:

Coordinate charitable formal event in which proceeds generated are donated to a non-profit organization that targets one of our initiatives (HIV/AIDS, CKD, PTES, Diabetes, Immunizations). Must create a theme, coordinate speakers, reserve a ballroom on campus, make decorations, and lead monthly committee meetings. Note that many responsibilities can and should be delegated to members of the Pharmacy Formal committee.

Pre-Pharmacy Co-Chair:

Coordinate all pre-pharmacy events and promote engagement of pre-pharmacy students in SNPhA events. Additionally, pre-pharmacy chairs are responsible for managing the mentor-mentee program and pairing pre-pharmacy students with pharmacy student mentors.

Project Collaborate Junior Representative:

Work closely with pharmacy council for Project Collaborate events and coordinate at least one SNPhA health screening per semester. Please note that this is a two year commitment.

Social Chair:

Organize at least 3 social events each semester that create community between SNPhA members. Must ensure that all events are planned sufficiently in advance in order to promote the event and make proper reservations.

Community Outreach Co-Chair:

Coordinate at least one volunteer event each semester. Ideally, these events should be scheduled near the beginning of each semester to avoid exam schedule conflict.

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