Allen Mallory

Graduate Student CV
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Allen Mallory is a second year Ph.D. student in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences in the SOGI: Health and Rights Lab. He is also a NICHD predoctoral trainee in the UT Population Research Center. He received his masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Kansas State University. Currently, his research focuses on identifying modifiable factors that can be targeted for intervention to improve the health of sexual minorities. In addition, he focuses on examining how intersections of discrimination and identities (i.e. race, sexual orientation, and gender) influence health disparities among sexual and gender minorities. He also does some work on sex education and couples sexual communication. Ultimately, Allen’s goal is to produce high quality and rigorous research in these areas that can be translated to inform policy, improve the well-being of sexual and gender minority people, and be useful for a lay audience.

Areas of Interest:

  • LGBTQ mental and sexual health
  • Discrimination and health disparities
  • Sex education

Selected publications:

Spencer, C., Mallory, A., Toews, M., Stith, S., & Wood, L. (2017). Why sexual assault survivors do not report to universities: A feminist analysis. Family Relations, 66(1), 166-179.

Kimmes, J. G., Mallory A. B., Spencer, C., Beck, A. R., & Stith, S. M. (In press). Risk markers for same-sex physical intimate partner violence. Trauma, Violence, and Abuse.

Mallory, A.B., Dharnidharka, P., Deitz, S. L., Barros-Gomes, P., Cafferky, B., Stith, M. S., Van, K., (2016). A meta-analysis of cross cultural risk markers for intimate partner violence. Aggression and Violent Behavior.

Mallory, A. B., Brown, J., Conner, S., Henry, U. (2016). Finding what works: New clinicians’ use of standards of care with transgender clients. Journal of American Family Therapy.

Selected presentations:

Mallory, A. B. & Pollitt, A. M. (April, 2017). Mental and sexual health disparities among bisexual and unsure Latino/a and Black youth. Poster presented at the Population Association of America Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL.

Mallory, A. B., Kimmes, J. G., Beck, A. R., Spencer, C., & Stith, S. M. (July, 2016)Risk Markers for Physical Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Couples and Methodological Considerations. Paper Presented at the 2016 International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference. Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Mallory, A.B., Baptist, J., & Durtchi, J. A. (March, 2016) Family Sexual Communication and Sexual Attitudes: Understanding the Influence on Couples ‘Sexual Communication. Oral Presentation at the 2016 Kansas State Graduate Research Arts and Design Research Forum, Manhattan, Kansas