Amanda Pollitt

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Amanda Pollitt is a fourth year graduate student in the SOGI: Health and Rights Lab. Though broadly interested in bisexual issues, both politically and academically, Amanda’s research focus is on bisexual youth mental and physical health. She aims to understand how gender, sexuality and heteronormativity provide contexts for stigma in the lives of bisexual youth and how this stigma influences health. The goals of her research are to conduct strong, high quality research to improve the lives of bisexual people; to have bisexual voices heard through research; and to challenge academic and societal beliefs about bisexuality and bisexual people.

Selected Publications

Curran, M. A., McDaniel, B. T., Pollitt, A. M., & Totenhagen, C. J. (2015). Gender, emotion work, and relationship quality: A daily diary study. Sex Roles, 73, 157-173. doi: 10.1007/s11199-015-0495-8

Katz-Wise, S. L., Calzo, J. P., Li, G., & Pollitt, A. (2015). Same data, difference perspectives: What is at stake? Response to Savin-Williams and Joyner (2014a) [Letter to the editor]. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44, 15-19. doi: 10.1007/s10508-014-0434-8

Li, G., Pollitt, A.M., Russell, S.T. (2015). Depression and sexual orientation during young adulthood: Diversity and the role of gender nonconformity. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1007/s10508-015-0515-3

Selected Presentations:

Pollitt, A. M., Li, G., & Russell, S.T. (2015, August). Heteronormativity, religion and sex in a national sample of both-sex attracted adolescents. Paper presented at the 2015 American Psychological Association Convention, Toronto, O.N., Canada.

Pollitt, A. M., Grossman, A. H., & Russell, S. T. (2015, March). Coming out stress and the role of parental and close friend support on depression for bisexual youth. Paper accepted for presentation at the Society for Research on Child Development Biennial Meeting, Philadelphia, PA.