Undergraduate RAs

Undergraduate research assistants support the research of the SOGI: Health & Rights lab.

Research assistants may volunteer or sign up for course credit; a small number of positions may be available for pay. Research tasks will include data entry, basic data summary analysis and reporting, library research / literature searches and bibliographic database management, and some data analysis (depending on interests and experience). Past experiences including library searches, bibliography software, Microsoft Excel and Word, and statistical analysis software are desirable but not necessary. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team is essential. Interested students at different experience levels are encouraged to apply – no prior experience is required.

If you are interested, please send the following information by email to:

Kyle Griswold (kgriswold@utexas.edu)

Please include:

  •   Name / contact information
  •   Class and major / minor
  •   GPA
  •   Description of prior research experience, if any
  •   Description of interest in the projects of the lab
  •   Interest in course credit or a volunteer position