Year: 2017

The Myth of Learning Styles

For years now, we all heard about various “learning styles” and the importance of tailoring learning experiences to the learner to help ensure more effective learning. Unfortunately, while it is absolutely critical that we keep the learner in mind, focusing

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8 Ways to Capture Screenshots on a PC

Learn how to take screenshots on your PC with just a few keyboard strokes. This guide, created by the FIC team, applies to ALL modern versions of Windows: Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Some of the methods described

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Mid-Semester Feedback | Faculty Innovation Center

Mid-semester feedback lets instructors “check the pulse” of their class partway through the semester. By surveying students, especially after a chance to evaluate evidence of learning, instructors and students alike can gain practical and actionable insights about what is working

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Coaching Students How to Study – Quick FIC SolutionsQuick FIC Solutions

  Source: Coaching Students How to Study – Quick FIC SolutionsQuick FIC Solutions

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Zoom & BigBlueButton: Web Conferencing Made Easy

Do you ever have guest lecturers who can’t be THERE with you and your students in class? Do you ever wish you could offer ‘virtual office hours’ for your students? Would you like to let students work together in a

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Getting Started in Our New 1st Floor Classrooms

  Whether you haven’t yet had a chance to really explore our new first-floor classrooms, or you’d like a quick refresher before your next class, these three short videos (12 minutes total) will give you a quick overview of how

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New Classroom “Cheat Sheet”

By now you’ve probably noticed that many of the classrooms on the first floor here in the School of Nursing have been completely remodeled. One BIG part of that remodel was upgrading the technology available in each of those classrooms.

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Fall 2017 Faculty Training Workshops

Do you ever wish you have more opportunities to learn about new teaching methods or classroom technologies and how to put them to use? Well, now you do!

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August 2017 FIC Workshops

All workshops will be conducted in SZB 450AF. unless otherwise noted. Workshop Descriptions are located below the schedule.

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Setting Students Up for Success from the Start – Teaching in Higher Ed

Joe Hoyle shares his expertise from 46 years of teaching and reflects on how to set students up for success from the start on episode 164 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode If you want

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