Purchasing or Increasing Bandwidth

049┬áStudents in the School of Nursing sometimes tell us┬áthat they’re running out of bandwidth when asked to do things like take quizzes or download files from Canvas.

Most of the time, this is something they can (and should) resolve on their own. For one thing, they’re more than likely using the UT network for personal computer use such as streaming Netflix and watching cat videos on YouTube. One way they can avoid that is to make sure they switch to their personal network when they’re not on campus.

Whether they do that or not, it’s easy AND SUPER CHEAP to upgrade to the next higher plan so they don’t have to worry about this…

Details are available on the Service Now website.

Every student is automatically given 1Gb of data (bandwidth on the UT network) per week.

For a (prorated) fee of $3 per semester, they can by a subscription and upgrade from 1 to 10Gb. If they need more, they can even go up to 50Gb or more.





Students who live on campus will have wired and wifi connections available to them as part of their housing contract. This is handled by Housing and Food Services through the ResNet system: https://ut.service-now.com/utss/catalogoverview.do?sysparam_citems_id=42d65c7c4ff9d200f6897bcd0210c781&sysparam_cat_id=e0d08b13c3330100c8b837659bba8fb4,Information%20Technology&sysparam_sys_id=a4ecac994fa6da0053b32ae6f110c733,Network,%20Media%20&%20Telecommunications&sys_click_name=features&sys_features=0


If students have any questions about this, please direct them to ITS’ Wireless Network page in Service Now or to the Bandwidth page above.

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