Student Affairs Standouts

Chris Brownson & Adryon Burton Denmark

Chris Brownson, Counseling and Mental Health Center (CMHC) Director, and Adryon Burton-Denmark, staff psychologist and Program Coordinator for Assessment, were presented with the Award for Excellence in Counseling Center Scholarship by the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors in recognition of work to advance campus mental health, student development and the work of campus counseling centers.

Guli Fager

Melissa Eshelman, CMHC Associate Director for Psychiatric Services, was appointed to a faculty position as a Clinical Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Guli Fager, MPH, with University Health Services was named one of the most inspiring professors on campus by the LEAP program. Fager coordinates the Healthy Sexuality Peer Educator Program and guest lectures for academic classes.

Texas Parents Staff Merit Award Winners Alicia Garces, Sherry Guyton & Gaylee Horton

Alicia Garces, LCSW, was selected as a recipient of the 2012 Texas Parents Staff Merit Award. Garces has worked at CMHC as a clinical social worker since 1996 (and as an intern from 1994-95). She has also served as CMHC Social Work Internship training director for many years.

Sherry Guyton, FNP, nurse practitioner and health informaticist for University Health Services, received a prestigious 2012 Texas Parents Staff Merit Award in recognition of her dedication to students and her unique professional experience. PHOTO

Gaylee Horton, Housing and Food Service (DHFS) manager of building services for Jester Center, was honored with the 2012 Texas Parents Staff Merit Award. PHOTO

Mary Beth Mercatoris

Mary Beth Mercatoris, Office of the Dean of Students, received the Tany Norwood Staff Award from The Friar Society last month for her significant contributions to student life on the 40 Acres. Norwood was the Society’s long-time advisor and a former Assistant Dean of Students.

Rene Rodriquez, Melanie Grice and Jennifer McClain with DHFS all completed the Human Resource Services’ Management Essentials Certificate.

Brandy Whitten, University Health Services was chosen to serve as vice-chair and secretary of the UT System-Wide Insurance Advisory Committee (SWIAC). She is the elected representative for UT Austin to this committee.

“A Tip of the Hat to . . .”

Jester West resident Luke Ott shared these kind words about Rachael Santos, DHFS, for her consistently wonderful customer service at Jester City Limits:

“I just wanted to compliment one of the cashiers at Jester City Limits, Rachel Santos. She is always the most friendly of anyone and really livens up the place, so much so that I’d feel bad if I didn’t make sure her boss knew how great a job she was doing.”