Student Affairs Standouts

  • Gloria Allen and Philemon Brown, Housing and Food Service, have been accepted to present at the National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education (NCORE). Their presentation will be “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Diversity Efforts.”
  • LT Robinson

    LT Robinson

    LT Robinson, Housing and Food Service, presented “The Myth of Multi-Tasking: Are You Making the Most of Your Time” at Professional Development Day, provided by the Academic Counselor’s Association and Association of Student Affairs.

  • LT Robinson also received the Advisor of the Year Award from the South West Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls (SWACURH). The award was given to her for her SWACURH, SWACUHO and University of Texas at Austin campus activities and involvement.
  • Under LT Robinson’s leadership, the University Residence Hall Association (URHA) won School of the Year from SWACURH.The group was honored for their conference involvement, variety and quality of programs in the residence halls, and leadership development opportunities for residents.
  • Olga Perez & Hector Ordaz

    Olga Perez & Hector Ordaz

    Olga Perez and Hector Ordaz, Housing and Food Service, graciously translated our new Division Mission, Vision and Values from English to Spanish.We appreciate the great amount of effort the put forth to get this information appropriately prepared for our Spanish-speaking staff.

“A Tip of the Hat to . . .”

  • … the Housing and Food Conference Services team who received this comment from a recent group: “…thanks to you and your team! You really went out of your way to meet all our needs. It’s my hope we will be working with you again soon.”
  • … Guadalupe Banda, Housing and Food Service, who received this heartfelt thank you and commendation from a student living in Littlefield: “Lupe leaves our restrooms super clean,she’s always smiling while doing her job, she is nice to the girls when they pass [by] her. Lupe has been very helpful and a blessing in my life becauseI’m a first year student [… and it] has been so difficult for me to be away from home. Lupe helps feel at home […]When I feel lonely, I know that every day I’ll see her with a smile and she will give me encouragement.” Thank you, Guadalupe!
  • Scott Meyer provided many of the great photos for the Harlem Shake video

    Scott Meyer provided many of the great photos for the Harlem Shake video

    Scott Meyer, Housing and Food Service, who brought dozens of costumes and props to share with staff at the “Harlem Shake” video shoot.

  • . . .Floyd Hoelting, Housing and Food Service, who celebrated a milestone 70th Birthday with the gift of 96 long stem roses and stacks of personal quotes and cards from staff (past and present) as well as friends from across the country.
Floyd Hoelting

Floyd Hoelting