A Message from Gage Paine

Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

This story comes to me second or third hand so I can’t vouch for all the details — but it did happen and the point of the story is intact:

Place: Gregory Gym Concourse

Time: At some point during the first Division of Student Affairs Student Job & Volunteer Fair

Characters: one student participant and one member of the organizing committee

The story told to me goes something like this. A student participant expresses an interest in a job with one of our Student Affairs Departments and engages a staff member in a discussion. The staff member does such a great job of asking questions and really listening to the answers that she eventually says, “You know we would really like to have you within our department, but as I listen to you I think you also should talk to staff members in this ‘other department.’ They have a program that sounds like a good fit for you.”

Cut to the happy ending – interested participant has connected with the other department and found an opportunity that is just perfect.

I share this story without identifiers because I suspect that scene was played out over and over again during the two days of our Student Job and Volunteer Fair last month.

I share this story because I know the organizing team was intentional in its preparation to be able to make good referrals for students.

I also shared this story because from the big picture of the fair to the (not so) small detail of helping students find the best opportunity for their situation, this is an example of the way we live our mission and work toward our vision for Student Affairs.

Thank you to the organizing committee (Chair Eric Stoutner, Brooke Bulow, Neil Davis, Jaden Felix, Mitzi Henry, Lindsey Hollingsworth, Bob Lawrence, Cecilia Lopez, Adrienne MacKenzie, Julie Newton, EJ Patterson, CJ Salgado and Gale Stuart) and to everyone who helped make our first fair such a success. Every staff member who worked at the fair and every staff member who made it possible for others to be away from their desks is responsible for the success of our Student Job and Volunteer Fair, just as everyone of us shares in the success of all we do.

Again congratulations and thank you to everyone