New Student Services Announcement

A message from Senior Vice Provost David Laude and Vice President for Student Affairs Gage Paine

We want to update you on Student Orientation, managed by New Student Services, which is now a unit within the Division of Student Affairs. We have also created a new Orientation Steering Committee that has strategic oversight of this effort and includes representatives from the Provost Office, Student Affairs and Undergraduate Studies. Assistant Dean of Students Cristi Biggs in the Division of Student Affairs continues to provide overall management for Student Orientation.

Next summer’s orientation will help our students get ready for life as Longhorns with a focus on preparing for their academic careers and graduating within four years. We want to increase their engagement on campus, build awareness of their 360 Connection for the fall and create more cohesive messaging from Student Orientation through Gone to Texas. We look forward to working with you to help accomplish these goals.

David Laude                                                               Gage Paine
Senior Vice Provost                                                   Vice President for Student Affairs