True Colors® Tips

Kyle Clark, Esmer Bedia & Alex Kappus with New Student Services

Kyle Clark, Esmer Bedia & Alex Kappus with New Student Services


True Colors® is one of the best tools I use as a Student Affairs professional since it allows us to connect with each other in a very special way and create a common language.

Since Blue is my brightest color, I strive to always connect with people. If I know their color spectrum, I am able to use that information to inform how I approach a conversation or project with them. I strive to make sure everyone has the best experience and is able to get the most from every opportunity. Knowing more about how I can utilize their color spectrum allows me to do this for each individual.

For example, when working with a Gold colleague, I make sure to provide a timeline with each project. I know my Gold colleagues appreciate those details. When working with my Green colleagues, I try to provide as much information and data as possible because I know they will have lots of questions and need to analyze the information from all angles. Orange is my secondary color, therefore when working with my Orange colleagues, I make sure to bring lots of fun energy and keep the distractions to a minimum, while still having fun, of course.

I’ve also used True Colors® to help develop a positive community within my New Student Services team, as well as with the Orientation Advisors (OA) I work with every year. One of the first events we do with our new OAs is True Colors® training at their retreat. The wonderful thing about doing True Colors® early with our staff is that we get to learn a lot about them from the beginning. They embrace the True Colors® language and culture. Then we get to see them use it in every aspect of their OA training and team development.

I encourage any staff to incorporate True Colors® into their interactions with colleagues and students. Not only will it help you further understand those you work with, but it will also help bring definition and clarity to your team.

Esmer Bedia
Senior Coordinator
New Student Services