Message from Gage Paine


“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work and you have to inspire teammates and customers.”

-Robin Sharma

Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

Gage Paine, Vice President for Student Affairs

I found this quote recently and share it with you today for several reasons. I absolutely agree with the first sentence. Some leaders have titles, but many do not. You’ve heard me say before, it’s imperative for any organization, including ours, to have people who are leaders. Without leaders throughout an organization, we can’t come close to achieving our core purpose as a university. The Division of Student Affairs and the University of Texas at Austin need us all to be leaders.

“A life is not important except in the impact is has on other lives.”

Jackie Robinson

I am sharing this quote from Jackie Robinson because of the three ideas Sharma links to leadership. A number of people across the Division have been working on this year’s Impact Report. I spent time over the past few weeks working with Joshua and Brooke (my communications team) to make final decisions about what information is included (By the way, that’s not an easy task; there’s way too much good stuff happening across our Division making it very difficult to decide.) All three of Sharma’s ideas about leadership represent reasons we chose to call our annual report an Impact Report.

“Education is the key to success in life, and [educators] make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”

-Solomon Ortiz

Impact is obvious – however, we want to show where and how we are getting results. The impact will tell our stories – in words, with pictures and through data – of the ways in which we make a difference on this amazing campus.

We want to be influential at UT Austin. We want to show how we work together with students, faculty and other staff to make it true that “what starts here changes the world.” We want to inspire our staff to be creative and to do the best work possible. We want to inspire students to do the work to be prepared to make a difference when they graduate. We want to be leaders. We want to help our students become leaders who have impact, who are influential and who inspire others.

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.”

-Les Brown

On October 1, we’ll all get to see our second Impact Report. It shows only a small portion of the amazing ways all of us practice leadership as we work to make our Division and our university the best it can be.

“If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.”

-Anita Roddick

Remember, we can all make a difference.

All the best,