True Colors® Tips

True Colors® gives Student Activities’ eclectic staff the opportunity to celebrate our differences and grow as a team by balancing our brightest colors with our lightest. Rather than a tool of separation, it’s become a resource to unite our staff, utilize our strengths and use our full True Colors® spectrum to better support our Longhorn community.

Imagine supporting 1,300+ student organizations with boisterous event planning. We designed a method to do so by focusing on our strengths. This is an excellent reminder of the power that True Colors® has to bring a team together.

Elisa Ramos & the Student Activities staff

Elisa Ramos (center) & Student Activities staff

The gold members in our team restructured consultation questions to maximize time and compliment the True Colors® spectrum of our student leaders. This provided support for our blues, an opportunity to brainstorm with our greens, a time to celebrate with our oranges and order for our golds. Student Activities as a team succeeds because we’re able to offer guidance for student organization events that support their philanthropic goals and vision all while educating groups on university policy.

Among our team, we are then better able to take into consideration the needs of these organizations and the strengths of our staff. As we highlight the strengths of student leaders, we also allow them to see their potential as we provide guidance for upcoming events. This includes the care that has been poured into their event, the forward thinking of new ideas, the flexibility of the group and the completion of effective program planning.

Working to our strengths helps our students reach their goals and recognize the success of the True Colors® spectrum across campus.

By Elisa Ramos
Assistant Director of Student Activities
Office of the Dean of Students