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Nicole Olmeda (Recreational Sports) and Adrienne MacKenzie (Texas Parents)

Last August, I teamed up with Adrienne Mackenzie in Texas Parents to integrate the True Colors® Personal Success Workshop into our annual Recreational Sports student staff training event.

We facilitated the True Colors® session as the culminating training experience for senior-level student employees as part of a three-track training program. Approximately 50 RecSports student employees in leadership positions participated and the results were extremely positive. Students were able to engage peer leaders from other areas through fun and interactive discussions and activities.

Slight modifications were made to the curriculum to facilitate a deeper understanding of how the color spectrum applies to their role as a RecSports student employee and the situations they face with both participants and colleagues.

We asked participants to articulate one way they will apply their understanding of the True Colors® color spectrum to their role as a RecSports student employee. Here are some of their responses:

“It’s important to consider different ways to interact with co-workers and patrons based on where they might fall in the color spectrum.”

“It’s helped me learn how to work alongside my peers and how to better delegate tasks to the staff I’m working with.”

“By understanding that not everyone has uniform communication styles, we can most effectively relate to every RecSports participant.”

RecSports relies on student employees to manage facilities, teach classes, officiate games, guide trips, and effectively lead both peers and participants. True Colors® is yet another tool they can use as they develop their leadership skills outside the classroom and inside the various experiences they encounter in their employment with us.

Nicole Olmeda
Senior Assistant Director
Division of Recreational Sports