Sara Miller, Krista Anderson, Melissa Wommack, Andel Fils-Aime and Beth Andre (Office of the Dean of Students) at the Association of Student Conduct Administrators (ASCA) annual conference

Krista Anderson and Beth Andre, Office of the Dean of Students, presented “Growing Support: A Discussion on Title IX Post-Trauma and Responses from Institutions” at the Association of Student Conduct Administrators (ASCA) annual conference.

Brooke Bulow, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, and Alison Kothe, Housing and Food Service, presented at the Big XII Parent Programs Conference with LaToya Hill, University Compliance Services. Their presentation was titled “Ready to Face the Media: Strategies to Employ During Crisis.” Texas Parents hosted the conference.

Lynn and Erin

Lynn Hoare and Erin Burrows (Counseling and Mental Health Center) present to parent program staff from other Big XII schools.

Erin Burrows, Lynn Hoare, Katy Redd and Marian Trattner, Counseling and Mental Health Center, presented at the Big XII Parent Programs Conference hosted by Texas Parents. They talked to participants about student resilience and Voices Against Violence, a program that helps the campus community interrupt interpersonal violence, support survivors and build values that promote healthy relationships.

CMHC staff

Mona Ghosheh, Chandni Shah and Kim Burdine (Counseling and Mental Health Center) after the presentation

The Counseling and Mental Health Center was well represented at the Texas University and College Counseling Center Conference at St. Edward’s University. Mike Balsan, Kimberly Burdine, Blake Grugett, Mona Ghosheh, Lynn Hoare, Katy Redd, Abby Simpson, Chandni Shah, LeeAnn Terwilliger and Marian Trattner gave presentations.

Kyle Clark

Kyle Clark (New Student Services) presents at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus.

Kyle Clark, New Student Services, gave the keynote address at the Professional Development Day Conference at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus. “Expand Your Talent To Grow Potential” encouraged staff to build relationships with colleagues as a way to better serve our students.

Marla Craig

Dr. Marla Craig (Counseling and Mental Health Center)

Dr. Marla Craig, Counseling and Mental Health Center, was named president-elect for the Association for the Coordination of Counseling Center Clinical Services (ACCCCS).

Adrienne MacKenzie, Texas Parents, discussed assessment techniques at the Big XII Parent Programs Conference. She talked about how implementing an assessment plan is an effective tool in improving programming.

William Mupo, University Health Services, spoke as a panelist on a webinar presented by the Illinois Center for Higher Education about the Brief Alcohol Screening & Intervention for College Students (BASICS).

Gage Paine, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, gave the closing remarks at the Big XII Parent Programs Conference. She spoke about the role parents play in student success and discussed some of the issues universities are facing.

Lovesimrgit “Sunny” Sandhu, University Health Services, presented on sustainability in healthcare at the Southern College Health Association Annual Conference. Sunny leads the department’s sustainability efforts including composting, supply sourcing and reducing medical waste.

Marian Trattner, Counseling and Mental Health Center, was recently added as a representative on the NASPA Region III Wellness and Health Promotion Knowledge Community.

“A Tip of the Hat to…”

Teresa Garcia, Cindy McAllister, Dr. Melinda McMichael and Abby Wolaver, University Health Services, who received this feedback from a patient: “I am forever appreciative of the health care I have received in my four years here at UT Austin. I met with Abby Wolaver today in women’s health and she made me feel super comfortable. She was so kind and easy to talk to and I haven’t had a bad experience with any women’s health doctor. Teresa Garcia was also extremely kind. UHS has taken care of me, and I am sad to be leaving a university with such amazing resources. Thanks UHS. I’ve also had amazing experiences with Cindy McAllister and Dr. Melinda McMichael. I’m LGBT and always felt comfortable and welcome.”