Desiree Alva, New Student Services, received a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison on May 13. Her dissertation is titled “Understanding Latino Students’ Sense of Belonging in Engineering: The Impact of Institutional Agents at OneOne Predominantly White Institution.”

Chris Brownson Award

Chris Brownson (left, Counseling and Mental Health Center) with Mark Walker at the Mental Health America of Texas awards dinner

Dr. Chris Brownson, Counseling and Mental Health Center, was awarded the Texas Impact Award by Mental Health America of Texas. The state-wide award honors thought leaders for making significant contributions to the mental health field. See the photos.

Sierra Castedo, The Center for Students in Recovery, has been appointed as Southwest Regional Representative to the board of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education.

Kyle Clark, New Student Services, gave the keynote address at Black Graduation on May 19.

Sebastián Colon-Otero, Counseling and Mental Health Center, received the Ana Ixchel Rosal (AIR) Award at Lavender Graduation. Each year, students present this award to a member of the UT Austin community who advocates and supports LGBTQ interests on campus.

Jennifer Carter (New Student Services) displays the Green Office Certificate.

The Office of Sustainability awarded New Student Services with the Green Office Certification (Bronze Level) for their energy-efficient practices.

Kathy Mosteller and Debbie Nichols (University Health Services)

Kathy Mosteller and Debbie Nichols (University Health Services) prepare to attend the upcoming ACHA conference.

Kathy Mosteller and Debbie Nichols, University Health Services, were elected to leadership roles on the board of the Southwest College Health Association, a regional affiliate of the American College Health Association (ACHA).

Elisa Ramos (Office of the Dean of Students) addresses students as master of ceremonies during Lavender Graduation.

Elisa Ramos (Office of the Dean of Students) addresses students as master of ceremonies during Lavender Graduation.

Elisa Ramos and Soncia Reagins-Lilly, Office of the Dean of Students, gave remarks during Lavender Graduation. This ceremony honors students who are members of the LGBTQ community.

“A Tip of the Hat to…”


A student sent these flowers to Melanie Shepard to say thank you.

…Melanie Shepard, Office of the Dean of Students, who received these flowers from a student thanking her for the notary services available through Legal Services for Students.

University Health Services staff in the Women’s Health Clinic, who received this feedback from a patient: “Personally, I was nervous and self-conscious about seeing health providers in a language other than my primary language (Spanish). Your staff made me feel super welcome and comfortable. I wish I could take you all with me into my new adventures. UT women are lucky to have you all!”

The President’s Staff Awards

President Gregory L. Fenves honored 72 staff members from the Division during the 2016 President’s Staff Awards ceremony. This group has a combined 1,200 years of service to The University of Texas at Austin. Congratulate your Division colleagues listed below. Take a look at the photos.

2016 Outstanding Staff Award

Andrew Mendoza

Andrew Mendoza, University Health Services

Florentino Lopez-Rivera (right, Housing and Food Service) with President Gregory Fenves.

Florentino Lopez-Rivera, Housing and Food Service

Staff Service Awards

Counseling and Mental Health Center

Chris Brownson, 15 years
Marla Craig, 10 years
Alicia Garces, 40 years
Lynn Hoare, 10 years
Leaton Warren, 10 years

Housing and Food Service

Gilberto Acosta, 15 years
Eva Barba, 40 years
Marc Chandler, 15 years
Jennifer Cole, 10 years
Donald Conway,  20 years
Olivia Desantiago, 25 years
Angela Duran, 15 years
Yolanda Esquivel, 20 years
Michael Farrell, 20 years
George Fuquay, 10 years
Nora Gray 25 years
Erica Guerra, 15 years
Lisa Hamilton, 15 years
Gregory Jenkins, 10 years
Solitaire Lind, 15 years
Rudy Martinez, 35 years
Josephine Martinez, 10 years
Ernest Owney, 10 years
Juan Carlos Pimentel, 10 years
Cesar Ramirez, 15 years
Alexander Rapp, 10 years
David Rodriguez, 10 years
Karina Rodriguez, 10 years
Oralia Rodriguez, 25 years
Karon Thomas, 15 years
Norma Washington, 20 years
Carolyn Williams, 10 years
Lela Williams, 20 years
Gary Wright, 10 years
Robert Yenelavage, 25 years
Jonathan Yeo, 15 years
Jessica Yu, 10 years
Gabino Zarate, 15 years

Recreational Sports

Nathaniel Blaylock, 20 years
Rhonda Cox, 15 years
J. Patterson, 10 years
Manuel Torrez, 10 years
Beverly Wehmeier, 30 years

Office of the Dean of Students

Cynthia Aranda, 25 years
Rosalinda Garza, 20 years
Joanna Pope, 10 years
Soncia Reagins-Lilly, 10 years

University Health Services

Adebanke Adepoju, 10 years
Sharon Beene, 15 years
Tanya Betak, 25 years
Neeta Bhakta, 15 years
Patricia Bullock, 15 years
Teresa Garcia, 20 years
Paul Gentle, 10 years
Kathryn Hotrum, 10 years
Julie Newton, 25 years
Adrienne Paull, 35 years
Dian Peavey, 10 years
Marty Qureshi, 10 years
Abbas Rahnamai, 15 years
Suzanne Ramirez, 15 years
Donna Stubbs-Valdez, 10 years

University Unions

Ural Dewitty, 10 years
Dwayne Galimore, 20 years
Brian Kennedy, 35 years
Saray Lago, 10 years
David Martinez, 25 years
Patricia McIntyre, 15 years
Megan McMillin, 10 years
Steve Monroe, 15 years
Kevin Ray, 15 years
Michael Robberson, 30 years