True Colors® Tips

Participants examine True Colors® materials.

Participants examine True Colors® materials.

Before we begin next semester’s True Colors® training season for our newest staff members, it may be a good time to reflect on “reframing.” This exercise helps us remember our co-workers’ positive qualities and resist the negative perception of the personality attributes of a brighter color.

The concept of “reframing” in the True Colors®: Keys to Personal Success workshop is one aspect that staff remember as an “aha” moment. According to one Division staff member: “I appreciate the ‘reframe.’ Specifically, I plan to be more positive in viewing the personalities that are different from my own.”

Here are some examples from the reframing presentation:


  • Others perception: rigid, inflexible
  • Self perception: consistent, provide structure


  • Others perception: arrogant, know-it-all
  • Self perception: mentally tough, logical


  • Others perception: overly sensitive
  • Self perception: compassionate, ethical


  • Others perception: unable to stay on task
  • Self perception: able to do many things

Most staff say that the True Colors® four personality types and their attributes are relatively easy to recognize. It requires a greater understanding of the True Colors® model. Take a look at this reframing resource found on the Student Affairs Staff Resources wiki.

Edna Dominguez
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives
Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs