True Colors® Tips

True Colors Deck_of_Cards

As we count down the days until winter break, we are also preparing for time with family, friends and colleagues. Let’s use True Colors® to help us understand how people may experience the holiday season:

Oranges love adventure, so get out the games and allow some friendly competition, perhaps with small prizes. Oranges also love to socialize and have fun, so expect to see them at holiday gatherings.

A full calendar of holiday sparkle can be a lot for a Green, who may need time alone to decompress from the constant excitement. Give Greens a task like going out to get an essential holiday item.

While Golds love to add things to their planners, it can be hard for them to enjoy last minute events. Be considerate of their planning nature by giving them a head’s up and ask them to plan an aspect of the party.

Blues enjoy a season of giving and receiving, where we express our appreciation of the people around us. Letting Blues decorate the home or office will allow them to share their holiday spirit with those around them.

Whether you enjoy the parties (Orange), use the time to reflect (Green), plan an excellent soiree (Gold), or search for the perfect gift (Blue), embrace this time and enjoy the gifts of the season — friends, family and fun!

KJ Harris
True Colors® Facilitator
Office of Student Success Director
College of Liberal Arts