Aaron Voyles, DHFS

Aaron Voyles (Housing and Food Service) welcomes Division staff and campus partners to the Living Learning Communities Summit.

Residence Life staff in Housing and Food Service hosted the Living Learning Community Summit on Dec. 16 at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center. Aaron Voyles, Housing and Food Service, welcomed the group and led the discussion. The steering committee includes partners from across campus who will help oversee five communities opening this fall. The Center for Students in Recovery is a partner on the Healthy Lifestyles community in Moore-Hill Residence Hall. See the photos.

Sierra Castedo, The Center for Students in Recovery (CSR), participated on a panel at a screening of documentary “Generation Found on Capitol Hill” on Dec. 19. The film is about people in recovery and programs like CSR.

Annie Biggs and Katie O'Malley at NASPA's 2016 Leadership Educators Institute

Annie Biggs and Katie O’Malley (Office of the Dean of Students) at NASPA’s 2016 Leadership Educators Institute

Katie O’Malley, Office of the Dean of Students, presented “LEAPing into Assessment” at NASPA’s 2016 Leadership Educators Institute.

 “A Tip of the Hat to…”

Susan Buckenmeyer, Office of the Dean of Students, who received the following kind note from a student:

“We spoke this afternoon after the new organization seminar and I just wanted to quickly thank you for your patience with me and my tsunami of questions. The training was very helpful and informed me a lot about the paperwork for RSOs (registered student organization), SSOs (sponsored student organizations) and the resources which The Student Organization Center has to offer. I am very excited about my new organization and hope this is just the beginning!”

 Lucy LeMeilleur, University Health Services, who received this feedback from a patient:

“The woman helping me set up an appointment in Allergy/Immunization was really great. She was very kind and patient and even helped me find my immunization record to see which immunizations I needed. She was very accommodating to my schedule when we were deciding on a time and gave me a lot of options. I had a great time talking with her and I really appreciated her very friendly and easygoing personality.”