True Colors® Tips

Marian Trattner

Marian Trattner and Samantha Meyer (Counseling and Mental Health Center) in the POWER (Prevention, Outreach, Wellness, Education and Response) House

The start of a new semester is a popular time for departments to hold staff retreats. Have you considered including True Colors® as you plan your department’s retreat?

Whether the retreat is for staff, student employees or combination of both, I like to incorporate the True Colors® philosophy into retreats so that all team members can benefit. This can look a lot of different ways. For Blue team members, I make sure to add an ice-breaker game or team-building component to the retreat. For Golds, I make sure to have an agenda and stick to the schedule as much as possible. For Oranges, I build in a fun social activity, like letting the group choose where go to lunch together. And for Greens, I make sure to build in time for dreaming big as we create goals for the semester and upcoming year.

Incorporating True Colors® into your retreat planning ensures that everyone on your team is getting the most out the activity. It also ensures that everyone can collectively come together to have a productive day.

For more ways to incorporate True Colors® into your team retreat, check out these resources.

Marian Trattner
Suicide Prevention Coordinator
Counseling and Mental Health Center